This work gives me the opportunity to do what I love doing: helping people who suffer pain, illness or setbacks. I do this work from my heart.
Everyone is welcome.


Welcome to the website of my naturopathic practice .
In my practice , I help people with spiritual or mental symptoms .
I also offer help with physical symptoms of a mental or
have spiritual cause .

Our world

We live in a visual world, but also in an invisible world .
There are forces around us , where we are usually not aware
be. These are the forces of God and the angels , but also the negative
powers of demons, ghosts and devils ( chaytan or iblis ) .

Setbacks and problems

Sometimes you unexpectedly have to deal with a negative
power of the evil eye ( envy) . You notice this by
personality change or unexplained setbacks
in everyday life . You feel that you're not yourself .
Perhaps it may even seem like you 're possessed
a negative force .

help in my practice

For these problems you can visit the Naturopathic
Practice El Aissaoui . Me to specialize in
exorcism and house cleaning .
You can also go for hijama / cupping ,
a powerful technique for improving your
physical well-being .

If you want to know if you can help
are in my practice, it is always
possible to take a call or mail for more information .
You can also make an appointment .


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